Forged by Fate

Session 2-10

Calm before the Storm

Session 2-10 Summary

  • On their way back to the Bear’s Den, Stars-in-the-heavens-above told the party that she had to go… but that she would return soon. The party has not seen her since, but trust in their new companion and pray for her safe return.
  • Eva showed off her menu ideas for the Bear’s Den to the BnB and the Chromagnome cousins. They were thoroughly enjoyed by all!
  • After a fantastic meal, the cousins went home and Lin headed to bed while the rest of the group went to the Ruby House. Upon arriving, they were greeted by two new faces; Superior the bard, who was mesmerizing the crowd with stories and illusions and Marc McMeanen, the new ornery bouncer to the brothel who claimed to come from another world. Killia told the party how she went to the Arcanium Archive as a consultant of conjuration magicks for the Lodestone, how fascinating it was to see something like that up close, and thanked them for their efforts with the Dwarven Archaeological Society. Gorm, realising that Lin was looking for a way to get into the vault to look at the Umbra Mortis Codex, asked if Killia could use her connections with the Arcane to get them into the vault to study the codex. Killia, knowing the evil that lies in the codex, reluctantly agrees to help them.
  • The next day, with the help of Killia, they manage to convince Gurdis to give them a view minutes with the codex, guiding them through the vault within the Halls of Enlightenment. They managed to gleam a little info regarding the ritual Lin’s Shogun mentioned thanks to Killia’s spells. Unhappy with the time allotted within the vault by Gurdis, Lin vowed vengeance. He tried to stalk her for the better half of a day before Shavale realized what he was doing and kicked him out of the Scholar District.
  • Kael came to the Bear’s Den to informed the party that they would be taking the fight to Kaleb at Eisschwert Keep to the north of Excalla and that he would like their help in stopping him now that his plans on obtaining the lodestones have been thwarted. The party eagerly agreed and for the next 5 days did various preparations for the journey north.
  • On the night of the 26th… Gerdis came to the bear den, panicked and bleeding, pleading for the aid of the Bad News Bears. Kaleb had attacked the arcanium archive… unaided. The party rushed over to the scholer district to confront him, the campus of the archive littered with cut up bodies of both scholars and guards. They found him outside the halls of enlightenment with the unconscious body of their drow ally, Shavale at his side and the two lodestones and the umbra mortis in sack over his shoulder. He spoke to the party and told them that they need not be enemies, that they could work together to bring an end to the “tyranny of the weak”. Lin intically accepted his offer in exchange of letting him destroy the umbra mortis, but Kaleb refused, saying that a senior member of the crimson blades had need of it, so Lin attacked him. Roy and Ebele attacked Kaleb too, following Lin’s lead. Gorm took a swig of his potion of haste… and attacked Ebele!
  • Swayed by Kaleb’s power and promise to grant him what he truly wanted, Gorm turned against the party. One by one, the members of the Bad News Bears succumbed to the might of Kaleb Howler and the Judas in their mist. Before either could land a killing blow, the Azure Shield’s and the city guard showed up, causing Kaleb to use teleportation magicks of the lodestones to flee with his new ally in toe.



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