Forged by Fate

Session 2-11

The Sting of Betrayal

Session 2-11 Summary

  • After the battle with Kaleb Howler, the Captain of the Lighthaven cityguard, Cedric Maddock, brought in all of the people involved in the incident. After everyone said their version of the events that unfolded, Cedric determined that the remainder of the Bad News Bears, the Azure Shields, or Shavale were not directly involved with Kaleb’s theft or murders and had not aided him willingly and so get let them go free, but warned them about getting involved in what he thought was cleary guard business.
  • Shavale explained that Kaleb had forced her to guide him through the vault to where the lodestones and the codex were located under threat of death. Angry and distraught at him for taking away her autonomy, she expressed her interest in joining the party if they would have her to take vengeance on him.
    The party returned to the Bear’s Den and Roy and Ebele confronted Lin on his almost betrayal. The tension was thick and emotions were high. Roy wanted him gone for even thinking about betraying them for his own goals, Lin thought the party wasn’t willing to do what was necessary to help save his sister. In the end, Lin almost left the party, but Stars-in-the-heavens-above persuaded Lin to stay.
  • Ebele’s god, Kord, the Stormlord, visited her in her prayers, telling her to stop being such a crybaby and exemplify strength and courage to protect her true allies.
  • The Bear’s Den was also visited by a new face, Krom Cimmerian, a local brewer and war veteran of Excalla. Sharing samples of his finest ale and his telling of war stories made him a fast friend of the group and decided to clue him in on their plans to kill Howler. Having known Howler in the battle for Tordensky and how evil his actions during that battle were, he agreed to help them.
  • Kael came in the bear’s den and told the party about his past with Kaleb Howler. How he and howler used to be part of a Hyndaran adventuring group who called themselves “The Sylhern Reavers” who went around doing good deeds across the isles. Kaleb started showing more and more animosity towards the Jarls and their peoples treatment towards him and Kael for being born Lycantropes. Growing more and more indignant about it, he left to start a mercenary band outside of Hyndr and work for the enemy. Kael, still feeling loyal to his people despite their mistrust, didn’t follow him. When Kaleb and his newly formed Crimson Blades joined the Excallan army, they turned the tide of the war and managed to be the deciding factor in claiming the Hyndaren capital of Tordensky. Unable to stop him during the siege of the capital, Kael forged his own mercenary band, the Azure Shields, in hopes of being able to stop him here in Excalla. He felt guilty about what has happened to Hyndr because he couldn’t stop Kaleb from leaving and he couldn’t stop him from taking over the capital for the enemy, and aims to rectify his mistake by stopping him now.
  • Vowing to not betray each other for their own personal goals, the group formed a blood pact (including the new members, one of which just met this guys not even an hour ago) and changed their name to the “Blood Oath Bears” (or BoB for short).
  • After doing some shopping and meeting up with the Azure Shields (who were traveling on griffon back those lucky sons of bitches), the party traveled up north towards Snowguard, starting their journey to truly confront Kaleb Howler.



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