Forged by Fate

Session 2-12

Bloodied Snow

Session 2-12 Summary

The Blood Oath Bears started heading north to meet up with the Azure Shields in Snowguard. As they made their way through the wayward plans, the warm weather of lighthaven gave way to a chill, more mountainous climate. Roy received a mental message from Shavale wishing him and his allies good luck on their quest.

The first night on the road, Roy and Ebele got to know their new companion, Krom. He told of his exploits in Hyndarian war, his magical talents and his religious beliefs, of which he assured the party that they could trust him with their secrets of faith.

On the second day of travel, the cold air gave way to snow and frost as they went further north. It was a quiet days travel… until they heard a thunderous roar out in the distance. When they looked up to see where the noise came from, they saw the vistage of a young red dragon. When talks with the vain and arrogant creature fell through and it attempted to eat the parties horses, a fight ensued. With clever use of magic, Korm managed to grapple the beast to the ground where the rest of the party could fight it without issue. With only a few burns and scratch marks, they took down the dragon. They carved what they could of beast for reagents in magic and crafting, then yeeted the remains off the main road so as not to disturb any other passersby.

As the sun set, they bathed the dragons blood off of them in a nearby river and made for camp. After Krom’s familiar, Archimedes, found the young dragons lair a few days eastward, the party discussed whether they should explore it for treasure or continue their way to Snowguard. In the end, they continued their way northward, figuring their current mission to stop Kaleb Howler was time sensitive and every hour of their travel counted in the attempt to end him.

On their third day of travel, just as the sun was setting once more, they saw smoke out into the distance. As they crested the top of a mountain and looked out, they saw their destination, the town of Snowguard, set ablaze and under attack.



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