Forged by Fate

Session 2-9

The Bear's Den

  • On the morning of the 21st of Mairus, while eating breakfast and relaxing in their manor, the Bad News Bears were visited by a mysterious Tabaxi woman that wandered into their home. She introduced herself as “Stars-in-the-heavens-above” and showed the party a magic dagger, saying only that it was missing and that “this one found it”. Upon closer inspection of the dagger, they saw that it had the initials “D D” which the party correctly assumed was the signature of Dintz Dentibash, their gnomish blacksmith friend. They weren’t sure exactly why Stars came to them or how she came across the dagger, but it seemed she knew of their gladiatorial reputation and wished to help return the dagger to its owner, so they allowed her to come along with them to the Cromagnome Omniporium to find out more about these mysterious circumstances. Lin, not interested in what he thought was a trivial matter, decided to head into Vicetown to talk to Madam Violet to see if she could divinate the location of his sister.
  • The party arrived to the Omniporium to see that guards were stationed around the entrance and the front door was kicked in. The cousins had gotten robbed in the night and had a bunch of their stuff missing, including Dintz’s dagger and a bowl of summon water elemental. They returned Dintz’s dagger, which he was grateful for, but only after suspecting Stars in stealing it in the first place. Fearful what a gang of ruffians could do with such powerful items, the cousin’s implored them to find whoever stole their wares and get the items back. While finding clues and trying to figure out who might have done this, Gorm remembered that Tomin had told him of an up and coming gang of thieves called “The Sticky Fingers” run by a man named “Franklyn Fingers” a couple days prior and how they were preparing to do “a big score”. After finding scuff marks that left the shop and into the sewers, the party went into vicetown to find out where this gang could be hiding.
  • Meanwhile, Lin had Madam Violet scrying for his sister using the book she had given him that was once held by his old Shogun. Using Violet’s scrying as a connection, the shogun, a bodiless shell of the man he once was, entered Lin’s mind to communicate with him. He knew Lin had been trying to find his sister’s whereabouts and taunted him for his failures, his cowardice, and his ignorance before telling him his plans to claim a book called the “Umbra Mortis” so he can transfer his body to “a worthy vessel”. Lin mocked his former master for his current state and vowed he would find a way to free his sister from his manipulation and kill him once and for all.
    Lin managed to meet back with the rest of the group in Vicetown, where he told them about what was going on with his old shogun and what he planned to do. With Lin back in the group, the Bad News Bears started their search for the sticky fingers gang in earnest, starting with locating Tomin in hopes that he would know where their base was.
  • They found Tomin running a slight of hand con at a street corner in vicetown. Tomin knew where the gang was, but wouldn’t tell them for nothing. They offered him 80gp to show them where Franklyn Fingers and his gang were and to find a way to sneak them inside. With the large offer of gold on the table, Tomin, along with his bruser friend, Paul, guided the BnB to the sticky fingers hideout within the sewers of Lighthaven.
  • While inside the hideout, the party unleashed a surprise attack that destroyed the numbers of the unsuspecting gang leader, but Franklyn had a trick up his sleeve in the form of a water elemental brought about by the item stolen from the gnome cousins. The entity kept the party occupied while the rest of his gang used the magic items they stole to hinder them. In the end, the party destroyed the elemental and had Franklyn cornered. A debate was had amongst the party on whether or not to let Franklyn live, but in the end (due to Franklyn’s lies being exposed), Lin ended the gang leaders life.
  • The party returned with all the items to the Omniporium and the Cromagnome cousins were eternal grateful, granting them a 10% lifetime discount on all their transactions! They even wished to join them in celebration at the Bad News Bears newly formed tavern, The Bear’s Den, which the party gladly accepted.



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