House Rules

Character Creation:

  • Forged by Fate, Freedom in Death: All players must use the Character Creation rules to roll up their first character. However, when that character dies, they are free to continue in the campaign with a new character created using the standard d&d 5e rules. Stats are still rolled as per normal character creation, but without attributes needing to be placed in descending order.
  • Limited Multiclassing: Multiclassing is allowed in forged by fate, but in order to stick with the spirit of the game, any multiclass levels you take in one class cannot be higher than the class you rolled at character creation.

House Rules:

  • Potion Usage: Using a potion takes a bonus action instead of an action.
  • Exhaustion recovery: All stages of exhaustion get removed from a long rest instead of just one stage per long rest.
  • Revival Exhaustion: Being raised back from 0 hit points via magical healing causes you to get a point of exhaustion.
  • Improved Attunement: Due to the high fantasy and heroic nature of the game, the number of items that you can Attune to at once has been increased from three to five.

House Rules

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